When the Mind is Fractured

If there is material injury you can see it and get it cured, but if the injury is mental or emotional, you can only feel it. When the mind is in pain, it causes suffering and it is here that you need a spiritual guru to guide you. Placed under mental stress, you need the blessings of a Sambudh Sadguru, not a psychologist or a therapist. You need compassion, care, love and affection. Under the competent guidance of a yogaguru meditation can help you a lot. Chanting of Lords sacred name is a unique remedy. Sharing and caring by guru can make you peaceful and harmonious. Listening to soft music can calm the agitated mind. The devotee followers of Sadgurudevji maharaj are very fortunate to get His Holiness guidance at all times. Having learned and earned immense knowledge of hundreds of pious Granthas, coupled with His own experiences throw off the storms of agonies of the devotees. The devotees are doubly blessed because they get guidance in meditation from a highly qualified and competent yogaguru Dr Archika didi. Her Holiness takes the devotees to higher level of devotion to the Lord’s Lotusfeet by her unique techniques of meditation. The agitated minds are softened and the person is peaceful. The damaged minds are put to rest. God’s grace, we are really blessed and fortunate.

Dr narendra madan

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